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Zombie Grenades Practice Review: Explosions Galore

This charming little VR game puts a twist on the old shooting range style of game by arming you with grenades instead of guns and putting you against zombies instead of regular targets.

Grenades? We have plenty of those.

In this game you go from stage to stage throwing grenades at zombies in the hope of blowing them up to pieces. For every stage you get a combination of different types of grenades to use, ranging from regular grenades to super special UV grenades. They are all pretty fun to use and useful in different scenarios.


The environment and surroundings

When trying to kill the zombies you can interact with the environment. For instance if there are a few zombies next to a suspicious looking barrel, it might be a good idea to aim for the barrel since it will probably explode and kill them all. There are also things like landmines that you can blow up and even trains that you can use to run some of the baddies over. But be careful not to kill any of the soldiers that are amongst the zombies. For some reason it’s your responsibility to protect them.

Zombie Grenade Practice screenshot

Zombies and helper drones

Some zombies stand still and others walk around. Some are big and some are small. In any case it’s your job to get rid of them. And to help you on that mission there are small drones flying around that you can get more grenades from. One important thing to keep in mind is not to go too crazy with the grenade throwing because you can blow yourself up.



Zombie Grenade Practice is a simple game with little to no story. But if there is no story then what drives you to progress? That would be the arcade style score system. After every stage that you beat you get a score based on how many grenades you had to use, how many soldiers you killed and a few other things.

Zombie Grenade Practice is developed by ARVI LLC and published by AGA Ad Media LLP. It is available on Steam here and runs on Oculus Rift, HTC Vive and Windows Mixed Reality.

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