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Zero Caliber VR – Upcoming Game Review

Shooter games are one of the most popular amongst today’s gamers. In fact some statistics show that Shooters are the most played genre. And now with the evolving of Virtual Reality technology we are able to experience those games in ways we have never before. And Zero Caliber VR promises to provide that.

It is a military First Person Shooter game (FPS) developed exclusively for VR. It is currently in early access on Steam. The developers believe that if they want to make a good game, they have to include the players in it. Their aim is for a realistic military FPS that every player with a headset will enjoy. And from the trailer below it looks very promising.




Zero Caliber is set in a dystopian United States where humanity started poisoning Earth. This contaminated the planet’s water supply and now drinkable water is a luxury that people are fighting for. The military tried to keep things under control but unsuccessfully. Mercenary groups and private armies started to form. But the most interesting of all is a religious cult that worships the Aztec god of rain – Tlaloc. They know something that will change the fate of humanity and it is your job to find that out.

Zero Caliber VR Screenshot 3

Gameplay and Features

Zero Caliber VR provides a “hyper realistic combat system” as the developers call it which allows you to use your whole body to fight and take cover. That means that during the game you have to clear your path, sneak, crouch and peak around corners – all done with real life movements.

The weapons are very realistic, with each having its unique mechanisms for reloading and handling which you have to master. You have a wide variety to choose from and can also dual wield some type of guns.

Graphics and Audio

The graphics look stunning and very realistic. The developers said they have put extra effort into that. And for audio design of the weapons’ sound effects and background noises as well.

Zero Caliber VR Screenshot 2


Zero Caliber VR is a promising title for the virtual reality industry that aims to provide an immersive and realistic experience for the player. Being in early access and wanting to include the gamers’ feedback is a good strategy and plan. One that the developers will hopefully finish for the game’s final release which is set for November 9th, 2018.


Catch up with their latest updates here.

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