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You’ll Love This Silly VR Game: Dog In A Box

Here’s a fun one for the whole family. Dog In A Box is a virtual reality game where you makeĀ  and design your own toy dogs. It’s being developed by Stack Interactive, a small indie studio that was started in 2018 by Jaz and Stephen after the success of a game of theirs during a game jam.

Dog In A Box Dog Heads

In Dog In A Box you take the role of a traveling toy dog maker. The game features four different locations for you to practice your craft. You’ll receive order by clients, each with a different and mostly weird taste. While your customers do ask for certain parts to be included in their dog, it’s you who decides where they go. Why not have fun with it and make an amalgam that would be remembered throughout the ages. As you complete orders you can get awards for your good work. You have a limited time to finish your orders though. So make sure you’re not taking too much time working on a single toy dog.

Dog In A Box Workspace

While completing the orders of other people can be nice and all, what about your desires. You have needs as well, and sometimes you just have to ignore the wants of society in order to make your own dream abomination dog. You can do that of course, and it can be quite fun witnessing what comes out of your imagination. To top it off, you will have access to a collection of all the dogs you have created throughout your career.

Dog In A Box Dog Amalgam

Dog In A Box is certainly a ridiculous game, but that’s where its charm lies. The concept of stitching dog parts together in order to create a perfect mishmash is a fairly unique one. The game was released not too long ago and you can now find it on Steam. For those interested, you can check out here.


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