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You’ll Love This Investigation Game: Flavortown:VR

Are you a fan of intense crime dramas, having to prove your innocence in the face of murder accusations, confronting dangerous individuals in order to find out the truth. Well, these things kinda do apply to Flavortown:VR, but also add a heap of comedy and absurdity and you might get a better idea of what it’s all about. The game originally started out as a short game jam project, but the team behind it, LHOTI (Last Hope of the Internet), decided they wanted to make it into a full fledged game. A bold decision considering that this is their first VR title.

Flavortown:VR Candles


When you start you find yourself in your room, doing your average everyday things like throwing dirty clothes in a basket or trying to figure out what the weird buttons on your PC do. All things seem normal, but everything changes after your morning bowl of milk and coma. Yes, actual coma. You wake up to find the mayor of the town murdered in front of you and quickly pass out again.

The next time you wake up you find yourself being interrogated by two spaghetti and meatballs cops. Despite one of them being absolutely sure that you are the perpetrator of the crime it takes just a shake of the head to kinda convince them it wasn’t you, and then they invite you to the police force.However, the mayor is still dead, and you are currently the only suspect, so you better work quickly to clear your name unless you want to end up behind bars with Meaty Joe.

Flavortown:VR Cops

As for gameplay, it’s mostly standard stuff. There are guns which you can use and train with in the Spaghetti PD shooting-range. You can interact with objects and see what they do. Actually I was surprised by the sheer amount of stuff you can play around with. You can pick up almost everything you see. Some examples are the water dispenser in the police station that you can actually use to fill a cup with water and then drink it, or the hearing protectors in the shooting-range that you can put on and it reduces the sound of the guns. It’s little things like this that really catch my attention in VR games.

Flavortown:VR Location


Flavortown:VR is quite the fun experience. I didn’t mention much of the jokes, but that’s because it would be best for you to see them for yourself. A more subtle one I can give as an example is when you need to read a letter. You can’t find a way to open it so you stick it in a machine that does the reading instead. Small things like this make the game shine. If you are interested in Flavortown:VR you can check out its Steam page here.

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