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You’ll Have a Blast With BOMBFEST

Are you and your friends in a desperate need of party game with explosions and chaos. Well then you’ll be interested in what Sudden Event Studios has to offer. BOMBFEST is a four player multiplayer game where, as the name might suggests, you throw bombs at people and the last man standing wins. The concept was first envisioned by Zac Pierce, the founder of the company, in early 2015. Back then, the game was very different from its current state. It was moreĀ medieval-inspired, with swords you could swing and arrows you could shoot, bombs being an afterthought. Later in the same year, the BOMBFEST that we can see now took shape and has been in development ever since.



In BOMBFEST you and three other friends take the role of small wooden toys that, for some reason, hate each other enough to resort to explosives to get rid of each other. You are put in different household environments, such as wooden forts, folding chairs, inside a kitchen sink and others. Your goal is to push your opponents off the edge of what your standing on. You do that by throwing bombs at them, obviously, which after hitting the ground explode after a short delay. The explosion knocks down everyone in its radius, and has a chance of sending them flying off the edge if they’re not positioned well. Objects, such as stacked wooden blocks, are also affected by the bombs, adding to the spectacle.


No need to worry about your explosives running out, new ones constantly fall from the sky. This means that you’ll always have one at your disposal, as long as your friends don’t get to them first. There are also unlockables to spice things up. These include new stages, characters and unique bombs with special effects. One such example is the Dicey Bomb, which makes a big explosion if you roll a 20, but ends up being a dud on a 1.



Sudden Event Studios has worked on a number of smaller titles in the past, but BOMBFEST is theirĀ first commercial project. Zac Pierce, the mind behind the project, has been making games since he was a kid and you can see all the experience and effort he is putting into this. Just by looking at the trailer, one can see that BOMBFEST has a lot of madness and fun to offer. In addition, the developers are planning to continue adding new bombs, stages, characters, and more to the game after its launch. It might not be grand and complex, but it’s everything it needs to be for an enjoyable evening with your friends and family. The game is planned to release on the 31st of January on Steam, you can check it out here if you are interested.

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