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You Have Arachnophobia? Skip This Game – Nevrosa: Spider Song

If you have arachnophobia, then skip this game, because it will trigger your worst nightmares. If you don’t, then keep reading! Today we are going to take a look at a new indie game for virtual reality that is mixed with action and adventure. Nevrosa: Spider Song is part of the Nevrosa world of the Russian game development studio GexagonVR. They want to bring the world the most unique experiences in VR through their imagination. And they are doing that by slowly building the world of Nevrosa. You can check out their previous Nevrosa games on their Steam page.

Nevrosa: Spider Song IFGN Screenshot 1


In Spider Song you will see the beginning of the adventures of the fearless scientist, explorer and pioneer Mr Conway in a mysterious Misty World. The game is set in the second half of the XX century where after months of successful research and expeditions, Mr William Conway is ready to share his scientific discovery. He not only has figured out Teleportation Technology but he also discovered a completely new world that his invention led to. Together with his team, he managed to build a safe area in the vast alien world. The place is creepy, everything creaks and is covered with layers of mist that is full of God knows what creatures and mysteries. But that won’t stop Conway to take on this journey ahead of him. The creepiest thing about this place is that your blood has power here and Blood Magic is a real thing. Conway has already started a ritual that he now has to finish but he knows that blood attracts even more dangerous creatures than the common ones. So, what is he going to do?

Nevrosa: Spider Song IFGN Screenshot 2

Gameplay and Graphics

Nevrosa: Spider Song in its current version only offers around 30 minutes of gameplay, but that is only because the game is not finished. The graphics are very good looking, creating a very authentic environment for the scary look of the world that the developers are trying to accomplish. As I mentioned above, if you have arachnophobia, then this game is not for you because you are going to fight a lot of spiders and they are big ones. The way you fight them is by shooting them and the way you reload your gun is by sacrificing your health, which is a very interesting concept. Movement is implemented either with teleport or smooth locomotion which is good if you are prone to sickness.

Nevrosa: Spider Song IFGN Screenshot 3


To sum up, Nevrosa: Spider Song is a short demo of a bigger game that is being built and it aims to show parts of the world they want to create, the enemies, to get a feel of the mechanics of the game and the overall atmosphere. I do recommend to check out the other Nevrosa games as well so that you get a fuller picture of the whole franchise. And if you enjoyed reading about Spider Song and want to support the developer and see the full project, visit their Steam Page and purchase it.

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