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Wicked Willow – Good or Bad Witch Visual Novel

Wicked Willow is a visual novel set in the 1993 that will turn your moral compass upside down. Will you learn the ways of a witch from someone you can’t trust? Would you turn trees into monsters to save a forest from clearcutters? How far would you go to fight for a love that society calls wicked?


Wicked Willow

About the visual novel

Magic has consequences in the world of the Wicked Willow. As you follow Willow’s trials and tribulations you slowly learn the real price of power. No matter what magic you choose to use be it a transfomative magic potion or a deadly fireball it carries a risk. Even bringing justice to the wronged has its own price. For example stealing from a dishonest bank to help the poor could get you in jail. But going to jail will be the least of your worries if for instance your cellmate is a succubus. What would you choose to do in that situation? Do you preemptively attack, or do you hear her side of the story? Just keep in mind that she could steal your soul at any moment if you aren’t careful. Of course if you don’t want to use your magic, you don’t have to.


Wicked Willow


In Wicked Willow, the story is the main feature. In this visual novel you don’t need to solve annoying puzzles or mess with spoiler-laden guides to find the “true” ending. You don’t have to ask yourself “what is the right answer I should give here?”, when you’re presented with a choice. That is precisely why the creators of Wicked Willow made every choice equally valid. Despite the choice you make you will experience it and enjoyed it on its own terms, with its own consequences and plot twists. Wicked Willow employs an innovative twist to the structure of the narrative and the role of choice. In other words, the game’s choices have a meaningful and immediate impact on the game, every time.

Also the character development in Wicked Willow is very impressive. Depending on your choice you will grow close or separate paths with other characters you choose. This gives you a chance to impact them with your powers. Many of the characters and romance opportunities in Wicked Willow span across the LGBT community, as the story tackles issues ranging from sexual repression to gender identity to conversion therapy. Wicked Willow is set in 1993, during the time when the community was just coming out of the shadows.


Wicked Willow looks like a very promising visual novel. The mechanics idea of T.F. Wright seems to take a new approach to visual novel making. I would suggest this novel to people that don’t enjoy over-complicated visual novels that stray from the story too much. As for now Wicked Willow is on Kickstarter where it needs as much support as possible. The estimated delivery is around February.2020.

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