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Why I can’t stop playing Gadgeteer

Few things in life are as satisfying as watching an intricate Rube Goldberg machine do it’s thing. There’s just something about watching all the little pieces interacting with each other and all of them doing their part in the contraption. And as it turns out, it’s just as satisfying in virtual reality in Gadgeteer.

The Studio

Metanaut, one of the first VR studios in Vancouver, took up the task of making a physics-based VR game where you make machines with simple parts and solve fun puzzles. Keeping in mind that they have backgrounds in industrial design and engineering, I think they are the perfect group of people for the job. This helps them apply proven real world design principles to the world of VR.


What goes on in Gadgeteer?

In Gadgeteer a game about making the previously mentioned Rube Goldberg machines. Either to solve a puzzle or just for fun. In the puzzle (Story) mode you get 60 physics puzzles to solve. They are left for you by the disappeared brilliant mad scientist and her daughter. Uncover the mystery and find out what she was building before she vanished. In sandbox mode you get to go wild and build whatever your heart desires, limited only by the rules of physics.

Infinite replayability

Gadgeteer offers quite a lot for such a seemingly simple game. Complete creative freedom, 50+ unique gadgets to build with, a tool for creating editing and destroying gadgets, story and sandbox modes and 60 puzzles. And to top it all off will never have to feel the pain of stepping on a LEGO brick again. But in my eyes the beast thing about Gadgeteer is the fact that chain reaction machines can be made in a virtually infinite number of ways. This gives the game endless replay value.



Gadgeteer looks like a game in which I could spend my whole day creating silly and over the top machines without even noticing. This is a sign of a game that people will easily grow to love. Gadgeteer is still in Steam early access but I would definitely recommend checking it out. And you should also keep an eye on Metanaut. The studio behind it because you now know what they are capable of. 

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