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What is McOsu?

Are you a fan of rhythm games? If your answer is yes then you’ve almost certainly heard of Osu!, the circle clicking rhythm game that came out in 2007. If you are by chance a fan of the title you might be interested in the more recently released McOsu.


It would be best to first get some understanding of what Osu! is before we go into more detail into McOsu. Osu! is a open source rhythm game developed by Dean Herbert, also known as Peppy. In it you have to click on circles and slider in accordance with the rhythm of the song. When you download the game it only has a short tutorial and a small selection of songs. To get the full experience of the game you have to download beatmaps from the official site.

Osu Screenshot

McOsu and Osu!

So what is McOsu and what are the differences between it and Osu!. McOsu is actually a free open-source circle-clicking rhythm game client for Osu! beatmaps and its main goal is to help players practice songs and hone their skills more easily. It achieves this with a set of features such as the ability to skip parts of songs that have no notes, being able to better change the speed of songs, scrubbing through a song to get to a desired point and the list goes on.

McOsu Sliders

McOsu VR

While it might seem that there is little point in having McOsu without having played Osu! first, this doesn’t apply for VR players. Yes, the game supports VR for both the HTC Vive and the Oculus Rift. There is one main difference between the VR and the standard version though. In VR, you only need your controllers to be on the general location of the circle, where as in the normal version you need to click on the circle as well. The developer of the game, McKay, claimed that this is because “Clicking is simply too hard in VR. Even primitive stacks would destroy your fingers and controllers.”. But even without clicking McOsu in VR can be fun and challenging.

McOsu VR Screenshot

McOsu is available in the Steam store here.

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