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What if I told you that you can play golf on a pool table? Golf Pool VR

Have you ever wanted to have your own man cave? To have a big TV screen with a lovely surround sound system, a pool table, table football. What about golf? Yeah it seems impossible to fit in a golf course in a man cave. Not if you have a virtual reality headset! With Golf Pool VR you can have both a pool table and a golf course and a mixture between those two great games.

Golf Pool VR IFGN Screenshot 1

About the Game

In Golf Pool VR you get to experience a unique combination of the challenges of golf obeyed by the rules of pool. It is a fun game that you can enjoy either by yourself or challenge your friends at it. The beautiful and realistic environments are going to leave you breathless thanks to the pretty graphics. And the contemporary looking golf/pool tables give a very sleek and elegant vibe to the whole experience.

Golf Pool VR IFGN Screenshot 2

Gameplay and features

Golf Pool VR includes 10 single player levels all of which contain the previous mentioned detailed and immersive environments. One of them allows you to experience the solitude of the moon! Imagine playing a game mix of golf and pool on the moon, now that’s pretty cool. Other levels will have your legs shaking on the top of a skyscraper, so if you are afraid of heights, better think twice about this one. The game offers 2-player competitive mode and accurate physics based gameplay mechanics. It will take a while for you to get used to it, but once you do it will be lots of fun.

Golf Pool VR IFGN Screenshot 3


Golf Pool VR is a pretty unusual game that actually combines two other unique games – Pool and Golf into a very interesting combination. Your first thought would probably be that it won’t work and won’t be fun. But don’t be quick to judge before you try it out yourself. If you find the game interesting and are curious to see where it goes, make sure to add it to your wishlist on Steam. Also feel free to drop your feedback in the discussion as the developers count on it.

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