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Want to Relieve Some Aggression? Play Tiny Mortals VR

Today we are going to look at yet another violent game in which you get to kill tiny virtual humans. If you don’t know what I am talking about, check out my recent article. This time though, the tiny humans are actually invaders and we have to defend our castle against them.

Tiny Mortals VR IFGN Screenshot 3

About the Game

Tiny Mortals VR is a game that will help you relieve your aggression by throwing enemies into the sky, beating them up, put them up against each other, rip them in half and so much more. You get endless waves of enemies that range from tiny stick men to big and strong ogres to even fierce dragons. What makes it all even more fun (apart from all the killings) is the ragdoll physics and the blood splatters. Each wave of enemies increases difficulty and some waves are custom. That means that they include swarms of zombies! So if you don’t enjoy killing tiny humans then maybe you will enjoy killing zombies. The collision physics allow you to pick up, throw and kill your enemies in whatever way you wish.

Tiny Mortals VR IFGN Screenshot 1

What is more, you have various weapons at your disposal. Those are weapons made for slicing, bashing, launching, dismembering and more. And they include golf clubs, swords, fireballs, lightning spells and so much more. With magic, however, you can also convert your villagers into becoming mighty champions. If you don’t want to burn them to the bones that is. To make everything even more fun than it is, you can also upgrade your castle and its surrounding areas for more variable ways to kill your enemies. And whenever you have to repair the castle, you can of course have your people repair it and worship you to allow you magic to grow even stronger as well as your ego.

Tiny Mortals VR IFGN Screenshot 2


Despite being in Early Access on Steam Tiny Mortals VR has a promising future to become a really fun and immersive VR game. The developer is planning to gather the community’s feedback and build the game together with them. So if you find Tiny Mortals VR fun and stress-relieving then make sure to support it on Steam and stay up to date with the updates.

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