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Waltz of the Wizard: Become a Magician

Have you ever wanted to be a wizard, but gave up once you learned that magic doesn’t exist and all of your dreams were crushed to dust? You can now. With Waltz of the Wizard you can feel what it’s like to have magical powers.

Your Environment

When you start you will find yourself in front of a gate that leads to a magical tower where most of the game takes place. In it you have all kind of stuff to play around with. This includes magical books, gems, a crossbow, a cauldron with a mysterious liquid and many others. You can even travel to other dimensions by playing on enchanted instruments. Truly there are a lot of things to do and mess around with, but dont be afraid of getting lost in all the options, you have your very own ancient spirit in a skull to help and guide you.

Wlatz of the Wizard Items

Magic Spells

What kind of  wizard would you be if you couldn’t cast spells? A bad one, that’s what kind. Above all else, a wizard needs magic. Luckily the game allows you to make your spells using ingredients that are available to you. There are currently 8 spells that you can unlock, these include the power to make objects dance in the air, the ability to throw fireballs, transforming items into butterflies and more. Have fun toying around with your newfound magical powers and turning the place upside-down. Don’t worry about cleaning up, magic does it for you.

Levitating Barrels

It’s certainly a lot of fun to be in the shoes of a wizard. While the game is not endless it will surely keep you entertained for a couple of hours. Waltz of the Wizard is developed and published by Aldin Dynamics. You can find the game on Steam here for free.

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