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VR Adventure Game: Eye of the Temple

Let’s be honest, the Indiana Jones movies made archeology seem much more fun than it actually is. There might be a slim chance of you finding some relics from an ancient civilization, but there won’t be any booby trap filled temples or intricate puzzles in your way. While that does make the job more appealing it also means it’s less exciting.  Luckily for us, VR exists, which means that creative developers can make immersive games that help us experience what being a movie archeologist might feel like. One such game is Eye of the Temple which is currently being developed by Sanctum Dreams. While it’s not out yet, we do have enough information about it to get an idea of what to expect.

Eye of the Temple Outside

About the Game

Eye of the Temple is a VR exclusive game where you have to explore a vast and treacherous temple (obviously) equipped only with a torch, whip and presumably a hat. You’ll have to do so without the use of  teleportation or artificial locomotion. The way you maneuver through the environment is by keeping your balance and stepping from one moving block to another. In fact, you never have to press any controller buttons through the entirety of Eye of the Temple. It adds a lot to the immersion of the game and makes easier to grasp for most people.

Eye of the Temple Insode the Temple

During your journey through the temple you will encounter numerous traps. These include such classics as swinging blades, shooting jets of flame, floor spikes, crushing ceilings and others. In order to avoid them you move your body around, while trying not to lose balance. There are also puzzles you’ll have to solve to continue. To help with that you have the aforementioned torch, which you can use to light braziers and others, and whip which you can use to grab and pull levers. They also function as handy weapons when you’re being attacked by flying enemies.

Eye of the Temple pulling lever

Eye of the Temple also offers something for people that prefer a more challenging experience, an unlockable speedrun mode. In it you can build up incredible speed, with every timed step speeding up the moving blocks a bit. Perfect for those that wish to test their reflexes and want to see how fast they can finish the game. You’ll also be able to compare your completion time with other players to see how well you’ve performed.

Eye of the Temple Mechanism


I really like the concept of Eye of the Temple. Taking the role of an explorer, going through ancient ruins filled with traps is something I find very appealing. It’s great that the game’s developer aims to make it as immersive as possible and I can’t wait to see how it turns out. If you’re interested, you can check out Eye of the Temple’s Steam page here.

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