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Vox Machinae: Giant Robot Combat

Do you want to control a giant robot and bash it against other giant robots? Of course you do. But in Vox Machinae you don’t just control a giant robot, you control the pilot of the giant robot.


You first have to go through a tutorial section that explains to you how to control your robot. After that is done you are free to go clash against actual players. Just drop in and play one of several game modes.  There is a Salvage mode, where you have to protect the monolithic machine with your team and a Salvage mode, where you have to control the most factories scattered across the battlefield. You can be in a team with other players, or if you prefer single player you can instead play with bots.

Vox Machinae pilot


When you start you will find yourself in a giant hangar where you can see your mech in all of its glory. There you can customize the look of your pilot and choose the type of robot you want to use. There are five types available, Catalyst, an all round good mech, Drill, a small and hard to hit sniper, Goldrush, fast and can ram others, the Hopper, quick and has blade arm and the Dredge, which is big, tough and armed to the brim with firepower, but slow as hell. You can choose the readily available version of each bot or customize its weapons yourself.

Vox Machinae robot clash

In the cockpit you will find multiple levers, each with a different function. One makes the robot turn left and right, the other makes it go forwards or backwards and one makes you eject. There is also a radar that shows you the location of your teammates and enemies that are within sight. You fire your weapons with the controller, just point and shoot, but don’t hold the trigger for too long as your mech can overheat and shut down for a few second which makes you very vulnerable to enemies.

Your robot is segmented in multiple segments. These can be up to five and include arms, legs and body, but each type of mech is different so numbers do vary. A really cool feature is that each segment can be individually destroyed. If you lose your legs, for instance, you can’t walk.

Vox Machinae robot shooting


Vox Machinae is one of the most enjoyable multiplayer games for VR. It’s still in early access, but honestly, you wouldn’t be able to tell. The game is very polished and I’ve yet to encounter any problem. If you are wondering whether to buy it or not, I’d say do it.

You can get Vox Machinae from the Steam store here.

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