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Visual Novel – The Angel Inn a Dating Simulator

Enjoy the company of beautiful and cute anime girls in The Angel Inn. As a brave adventurer that stops by to rest at an inn you will meet three attractive ladies. You have to pick a girl that grabs your attention the most and create an unforgettable experience with her. They are eagerly waiting for your decision. If you had to pick, who would it be?


Angel Inn

About the Visual Novel

The Angel Inn is an anime visual novel created by DdreamGames. For reference they are also the creators of Dungeon Dreams, another amazing visual novel. When you are introduced to the game you need to pick which type of adventurer you wish to be. A mage, an archer or a swordsman. And before you departure on the adventure of a lifetime you stop by the Angel Inn to get some rest.


Angel Inn


To your surprise, you are welcomed by a cute anime girl. Her name is Shea, she is the innkeeper. A very sweet but lonely girl that works day and night to maintain her family’s inn. She is very friendly and she will appreciate your help around the inn. As you get to know her more she will open up to you about her past and her family.


Angel Inn


While you bond with Shea you are interrupted from another adventurer by the name of Faylinn. However, don’t be fooled by her innocent look, she won’t think twice before you meet her broadsword. Faylinn is a grumpy girl that carries secrets with herself. Maybe trying to figure out what her story is will bring you closer to her. Bonding with Faylinn might prove to be difficult but after time she will see that you aren’t like other adventurers. This will spark her interest in you.


Angel Inn


After you spend a night at the inn you decide to roam around the corridor for a while. You hear very beautiful music playing in one of the rooms. As you try to follow the sound of the music you find a very stunning woman sitting in a chair. Rosabella is a mysterious bard and she is a very seductive woman. She also likes to play the lute every now and then. Her charm and appearance are very enchanting. As far as you know from Shea, Rosabella is a noble that arrived at the inn from the Capital. Why she is there is still unknown to you. Go to her room and have a little chat, or even more.  

How will you decide which of these three beautiful anime girls to seduce? Which one is your type: the sweet and shy one, the tough and adventurous one or the mysterious and seductive one? This is your lucky day, the only male in an inn with three women. Whoever you pick you need to make the right choices if you want to keep them close to you.


Angel Inn

Main Features

This visual novel includes three attractive anime girls. As time goes by, you get to interact with them, and use the “day menu” to decide where to spend your time and who to spend it with. Your decisions will be remembered by the  girls. Depending on your choices there are 5 possible endings you can have in the game. As you progress a romantic story will be unraveled in front of you and you will get attached to only one waifu. There are all kinds of achievements you can get throughout the game. Also I should note that there is an uncensored version of this game that has 18+ NSFW H-scenes.


Angel Inn


The Angels Inn is a dating simulator visual novel. You can replay the story as many times as you want to get different results. No matter what choices you make it is certain that one of the adorable anime girls will show interest in you. If you would like to know more about this visual novel you can find the Kickstarter here.

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