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Visual Novel – My Burning Heart a BL Romantic Story

Adnan is sold as a slave and instead of being sent to work in the fields, he ends up in the Sultan’s harem. As they try to trick him with good words and promises of being well fed, he decides to comply with the Sultan’s orders. Not long after that however, he plans his escape from the palace.


My Burning Heart

About the visual novel

My Burning Heart is a weld 1001 Nights anime visual novel that follows the fate of young Adnan. He is a slave and he was picked to be a part of the Sultan’s harem by Harun the Sultan’s trusted Vezir. This was his punishment for stealing food. Harun tries to persuade Adnan in believing that his life in the palace will be very good. He will have food, a place to sleep comfortably and he will be much better than just working on the fields all chained up. Will he return to his old way of life or will he try to cope with the life in the palace? Alas, he doesn’t have much of a choice, he needs to be a part of the harem in order to survive and eventually win his freedom. Harun orders Halim to wash and dress Adnan very beautifully for the dinner with the Sultan that night.

Later, in the evening Adnan was sent to the Sultan’s chamber. Finally, Adnan met the Sultan who is very intimidating. The Sultan introduced himself and very politely, the slave was surprised by abd Al-Rashid’s kindness. Maybe life in the palace wasn’t as bad as he thought, especially after being served rich plates with mouth-watering dishes. After finishing dinner Adnan felt very comfortable, until Sultan Rashid mentioned his desires to the young boy. Adnan knew he had to obey him, but his consciousness couldn’t allow that. The Sultan put Adnan in his lap and started to caress his hair reassuring him that he is trustworthy. Not long after they end up in bed where things that happen only in your wildest dreams take place.


My Burning Heart


This anime visual novel has four characters in its demo. Adnan is the main character. He is a 19 year old boy that is a slave saved from the fields from the Vezir. He was thrown on the street when he was very young to fend for himself. Adnan had a very tough childhood. Harun is the Sultan’s Vezir and trusted man. He is 29 years old and he is a manipulative man that loves power.

Another very interesting character in this anime visual novel is Halim. He is only 17 years old and he was brought up as a slave as well. However, his slave life was very much different from Adnan as he has always lived in luxury. He is kind and sweet and everyone in the palace appreciates him. Last but not least we have a very impressive character, it is the sultan himself. He is 25 years old and he is very intelligent. In the palace his only distraction is the harem. As well as this the game features 16 stunning CGs most of them +18 rated. My Burning Heart has a demo that was released for Yaoi Game Jam 2018. 


My Burning Heart


All in all this is a very interesting and captivating anime visual novel. The characters are very different and have their own traits. The kickstarter of My Burning Heart is requesting your help now to make this visual novel a true masterpiece.

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