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Visual Novel Game The Anomaly needs your support on Kickstarter

Annexe Interactive is the small development studio behind The Anomaly. Based in Northeast Pennsylvania, they manage to make it work with team members from all around the world. With their first title they aim to bring the most valuable product to their fans by doing what they enjoy the most – high quality games and software both for PC and Mobile.

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About the Game

The Anomaly is a visual novel that focuses on character development and relationships. As I have mentioned it before in other articles of mine, a strong and deep connection to the character of a game, not just a visual novel, is what makes this game leaves an imprint on our memory. When a game manages to make the player care about a character, that game has gone beyond the emotions of the person playing and he is now immersed in the game on another level.

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Apart from character development, The Anomaly also offers a contemporary art style with beautiful backgrounds. It is set in modern times and combines an intriguing story that you can, of course affect with your choices, with sharp and funny Western humor. The gameplay also includes some interesting mini game elements.

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The visual novel tells the story of an 18-year-old high school boy named Tucker. He finds his life in Colorado Springs rather boring and the only thing keeping him from losing his mind is his small group of friends. All of whom are very skilled hackers. This constantly encourages them to leave the real world and spend more and more time in the cyberspace. When Tucker meets the new girl in town, Kiera, things become more complicated for his friends when the mysterious local phenomena known as “The Hum” causes strange effects on the locals of Colorado Springs. Tucker and his friends Ross and Valerie take it on themselves to solve the mystery as they submerge into a cyber world of conspiracy, secrets and danger.

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The main characters of the visual novel are very likeable with complex personalities. Also the variety of secondary characters is ensuring you to have a lot of unique and interesting encounters with them. The main characters are:


Tucker: An 18-year-old computer whiz who is excellent at hacking and programming but has a hard time adapting to the real world which he finds extremely boring. This is why he spends most of his time online.

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Ross: Tucker’s childhood friend Ross is a like a brother to him ever since they met in grade school. Despite not being as good as Tuck with computers, Ross’ hacking skills and different perspective on various situation make him useful in finding diverse solutions to complicated problems.

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Valerie: Introduced to Valerie in computer science club, Ross and Tucker have been inseparable from Valerie ever since they met her. Her excellent computer skills don’t leave her feeling left out, instead she manages to discipline the two boys with her strictness to following the rules.

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There is much more to every character in The Anomaly which I am not going to spoil for you.



The Anomaly is a modern visual novel game with beautiful and contemporary art, deep character development and intriguing and funny story. I definitely recommend you keep an eye on this game on their Kickstarter page and if you want to see a funny, yet intriguing visual novel come to life, feel free to back them up!

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