Vertigo – a Flying Simulator VR Game

Humanity’s biggest dream and goal has always been to fly. And if you ask a person if they could have one super power, most people would answer flying. Or I would, at least. Thanks to modern day technology, we managed to achieve some of those goals by inventing planes. But for the rest of us that don’t know how to fly a plane, there are video games! Today we are looking at Vertigo, a flying simulator game for virtual reality.

Vertigo IFGN Screenshot 1

About the Game

Vertigo brings at your feet a city with the size of almost 8 square kilometers with beautiful, high buildings and skyscrapers. You will be able to take advantage of the wind tunnels to gain speed and tackle the deepest routes. However you have to be careful. Even when flying you might hit something and face real dangers apart from falling down. Some gusts of winds may be too strong for you to handle and you might encounter bird flocks, so keep your eyes peeled.

Vertigo IFGN Screenshot 2


You fly with a hang glider and you get to choose between two game modes: “time challenge” and “best score”. You have to collect the highest number of points possible to increase your level. All of that will allow you to experience some breathtaking routines, free falling and more.

The graphics are not that impressive, however that’s not that big of a deal because you get to fly after all. And it is very satisfying.

Vertigo IFGN Screenshot 3


Vertigo is a fun indie game that’s available for the HTC Vive. If you really want to immerse yourself and feel like a superhero that can fly, then you should really try this game. It is currently available on Steam and if you want to support the developers and the indie game industry, feel free to do so by visiting their Steam page.

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