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How to have vacations every day, after work: Vacation Simulator

Do you sometimes feel like your nine to five job is more like a one AM to one PM then to one AM again? Vacation Simulator has got you covered. The year is 2060. The robots behind Job Simulator have made a rough approximation of “not jobbing”. They already know what humans are capable of in terms of working, but what about vacationing? Their new mission is to create the ideal vacation resort, filled with activities for their human friends to take part in.

Vacation Simulator Beach Bots

Who doesn’t love robots

The robots are quirky little things that try to act and talk as human as possible. And they just can’t seem to get it just right. They are constantly saying words in a different tone, like they are pulling strings out of a sorted array of vacation words. They also don’t seem to quite grasp the idea of how humans word. Saying things like “listen to your inner power supply”.

Vacation Simulator beach island gif


The robots are focused on the efficiency of your vacationing, which seems like a bit of an oxymoron to me. So you get to do all sorts of things with them. Play sports, make and eat food, relax in a pool, build sand castles and many more. Of course, you can’t make a “snowhuman” and build a sand castle in the same place. That’s why the resort island has three separate locations: Vacation Beach, Vacation Forest and Vacation Mountain. Each location holds a cast of many things to do in order to relax on your rough approximation of “not jobbing”.

Vacation Simulator Mountain Destination with snow gif

The robot rivalry

There are two main robots on the island that want to be in charge and have vastly different views on what a vacation should be. One is Vacation Bot, who is an easy going, happy go lucky robot that tries to have spontaneous, fun experiences. On the other hand we have Efficiency Bot, who thinks that relaxing can be converted to data, measured and optimized for the most efficient vacation ever. Of course, this is Vacation Simulator after all. The robots made it to simulate a vacation and I guess they want to know how well it is working.

Vacation Simulator Forest Destination gif


As always, the people and robots over at Owlchemy Labs have done a wonderful job. This is simulated relaxation at its finest and it needs to be experienced first hand. You can buy Vacation Simulator on Steam and play it on HTC Vive, Oculus Rift, WMR and Valve Index. Or you can get it for PSVR from the Playstation Store.

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