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Urban Legends – The Dry Body: Approaching Release

There are a lot of great myths and stories out there in the world. Sadly, most of the obscure ones get ignored in games and media. It’s nice to see that some game developers find inspiration from the not so famous legends. Such is the case with Jefferson Souza and his new game Urban Legends – The Dry Body which is inspired by a Brazilian story of the Corpo Seco. The team working on the game consists of only 3 people, Jefferson, Mizael and Saul. Despite having no professional place to work, they are pouring all of their hearts into the project. So let’s take a look at what we can expect.

About the Game

As mentioned above, Urban Legends – The Dry Body is based on the myth of the Corpo Seco. The original legend is about a man so evil, that when he died he was rejected by both heaven and hell. As a result, he returned to his dry and rotten body, which roams in search of blood and revenge. So what is your role in Jefferson’s take on the story?

Urban legends – The Dry Body Forest

It’s quite an interesting one actually. You step into the shoes of a man named Mark. After the mysterious death of his parents, he was, for the first time in his life, alone in the world. One day, an old family friend named Peter appeared and to Mark’s surprise, he knew the whole truth. As to what that truth actually is, is left a mystery for now. After a shocking realization was revealed to him, Mark decided to avenge the death of his parents and break the curse that runs in his blood. This, however, will not be an easy task.

Urban legends – The Dry Body Graveyard

There is only one man capable of fighting the curse. His name is Celso, the leader of a family of hunters who lived in the region. He used to be a good man once, but his constant fighting against monsters drove him insane and he killed his whole family, eventually taking his own life in the end. Legend has it that Celso was rejected by heaven and sent to hell, but he wasn’t welcome even there and was cast out. With nowhere to go, Celso’s soul returned to his dead body and was bound to wander in the land of the living forever, protecting his book of secrets and seeking blood and vengeance.

Urban legends – The Dry Body House


Not much is currently known about Urban Legends – The Dry Body. However, we do get a good idea about the creators’ intentions. They wish to show a little of the Brazilian folklore and bring to players a good gaming experience through a well worked story with several twists. Their main goal right now is to finish the translation so that more people will have access to the title. The game is currently not released, but if you are interested you can keep an eye on the Steam page.

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