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Upcoming VR Fishing Game: Ultimate Fishing Simulator VR

I have the blood of a fisherman running through my veins. My dad, grandfather, my uncle, all are into the hobby. And I don’t mean they just casually go fishing from time to time. Almost every Saturday and Sunday my father goes to a lake, I’ve seen him bring monsters bigger than him. Then there’s me, someone that utterly sucks at fishing. When I saw that Ultimate Fishing Simulator VR is planned to come out I thought to myself “Hey, I can at least pretend to fit in the family ”. While not released yet, there are already things that we can expect based on the non-VR version and what we’ve been told by the developers.



So, as you might suspect, Ultimate Fishing Simulator VR is a game about fishing. No don’t run away yet, it’s more interesting than it sounds. The game is actually realistic enough to be fun, but not realistic enough to be boring. As it has been stated on the Steam page “Warning! In the Ultimate Fishing Simulator the fish are biting like crazy. We guarantee that you’ll never fall asleep.” It’s also chock-full of features so let’s look at them.

Ultimate Fishing Simulator VR has a bunch of techniques players can use. These include float fishing, bottom fishing, fly fishing, spinning, sea fishing, surfcasting and ice fishing. I’ll be honest. I don’t know what most of them are and I have no intention to ask my dad so just use your imagination or Google.

Ice Fishing

You’ll be able to go fishing on several different maps, including winter ones with a unique ice fishing mechanic. If you get bored with the maps that the game offers then don’t worry. You can make your own and share them with the world for all fish to see. There’s gonna be a ton of equipment you’ll be able to use during your travels. This includes rod pods, indicators, groundbaits, nymphs, streamers, feeders and much, more. There’s also gonna be an underwater camera that will allow you to see through the point of view of your, just in case you wanted to play Jaws instead.


Ultimate Fishing Simulator VR will have two modes. The first is Normal Mode where everything mentioned above is available and fish bite quickly. The other is Realistic Mode where you have to be more patient as the fish aren’t as eager and fight harder, and the underwater camera is disabled. This isn’t even end of the feature list, but these are the more prominent stuff, so as you can see there’s gonna be quite a bit to do in the game.



Games have proven that even seemingly boring things can be fun and I hope that that is the case with Ultimate Fishing Simulator VR as well.  From what we can see the game looks good, with great environments, and the features are plenty. If you are interested you can check it out on its official Steam store page here.

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