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Upcoming Rhythm Game: Beat the Rhythm VR

Beat the Rhythm VR is an upcoming rhythm game. It is being developed by narayana games UG, the same people that made Holodance. Beat the Rhythm could be called its spiritual successor while at the same time, it’s also going back to its very roots.


Choose Your Way to Play

One of Beat the Rhythm VR’s most interesting features is its multiple ways of playing. You will be able to use your hands to punch, spin or track oncoming drops and slice them with laser swords. You’ll also be able to shoot drones with laser guns or use a bow instead if you’re more of an archery fan. There’s also a planned “Psychedelic Mode” where you’ll play in a trippy colorful environment. As you can see, you’ll have quite the variety of ways to enjoy the rhythms of the game.

Beat The Rhythm VR laserblades

All You Can Listen To

The game will have music produced specifically for it, but it doesn’t stop there. You’ll also have access to any osu! Beatmap, any song from your local drive or YouTube, and you’ll even be able to create maps for your own music and share them with others. All of this will make for an endless variety of songs to choose from and many hours of enjoyment.

Beat The Rhythm VR drops


Beat the Rhythm VR will offer not only a single player mode, but also two multiplayer modes. One will be cooperative mode, where you’ll have to go through the beatmaps with a companion, meaning that you’ll have to rely on their skill as well. The other will be a competitive mode where you’ll try to outdo your opponent to see who’s best. There’s also going to be leaderboards, so you’ll be able to see how well you rank against other players from around the world.

Beat The Rhythm VR guns


Beat the Rhythm VR, with its multiple modes, ways to play and music variety, seems that it will  offer a level of variety not seen in most other rhythm games. It’s not yet released, but it’s certainly worth  keeping your eyes on if your a fan of the genre.

You can find a link to the Steam store page here.

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