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Ubisoft’s VR Arcade Shooter: Space Junkies

Space Junkies is the new and fully VR arcade shooter from Ubisoft. Fly around with a jetpack in deadly Orbital Arenas and and face your opponents in extreme battles. This project sure does sound action packed, but it is nothing that we haven’t heard of before. So let’s see if Space Junkies is the arcade shooter that we need right now or the arcade shooter that Unisoft thinks we deserve.


When it comes to places where you can buy Space Junkies, you won’t have a hard time finding them. Check the Oculus store and there it is. Look at the Playstation store. Yup, there too. Open up Steam and no surprise, it’s on there too. But what about platforms and devices you can play on? Well I did mention that it is on the Oculus and Playstation stores, so you know it’s on PSVR and the Rift. But that’s not all. Ubisoft went all out and made it playable on the Valve Index and on WMR headsets as well.

Space Junkies gun on space station


In Space Junkies you play as part of the elite tribe of gun-slinging Spacers. They are something like space gladiators who battle in Orbital Arenas as part of the Dirt Bowl. Enemies can fly at you from each and every side, unlike in regular arcade shooters that take place on planets with gravity. Fly around in full VR in a variety of arenas, such as space stations, asteroids and space jail. Use a bunch of creative and futuristic weapons, such as the Sunblasters and Bioguns. If you are feeling brave, you can also combine the attacks of two weapons into one super blast.

Space Junkies arcade shooter with aliens and asteroids

Game modes

The backbone of any good arcade shooter is a variety of good game modes. Space Junkies delivers on that front with a selection of Team Deathmatch, Free-for-all, Duel, King mode, 3v3, 2v2 and 1v1. That should keep every shooter fan satisfied for quite some time. And the fact that it is in full VR and in space should make it all feel like something that hasn’t been done to this extent before.


Ubisoft has delivered a very solid VR arcade shooter that will keep being fun as long as there are people playing it. Make sure to check out Space Junkies on the Steam, Oculus and Playstation stores.

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