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Travel Back in Time with Time Wanderer

Time Wanderer is developed by the small Spanish/American indie studio Timeless Games. Like their name suggest, they describe that their main mission and priority is to create “timeless” games. Enjoyable games of high quality that players are going to want to play today, tomorrow and in the future. They have a few small projects behind their backs and they are emerging now with the beautiful two-dimensional RPG Time Wanderer.

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Time Wanderer, as mentioned above, is a 2D RPG full of puzzles and exploration fuelled by an interesting sci-fi story about an alien invasion. It is set in the year of 3012 where Earth has been invaded by the alien race The Ro’tuls. Once they came, they enslaved all of humanity. That is when a brilliant scientist by the name of Dr. Fhaiz creates a time machine in his basement. Out of desperation he sends his only child, Corina to the past with a mission to warn humanity about the Ro’tuls’ invasion. However, something goes very wrong and Corina is stuck wandering between different time periods of the human history. Her new main goal now is to survive until she finds a way back home. All while avoiding to create a huge paradox in time that is going to shift the entire future of humanity.

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Like the classics in the RPG genre, Time Wanderer has a top down perspective. The player gets to explore various levels from different time periods in human history like Ancient Egypt or 20th century Europe. You can use many different abilities to reach new areas and explore them as well as fight any enemy that gets in the way. Exploring also includes finding various optional equipment which you get to choose if you want to carry or not. It will provide for a more diverse playthrough of the game. You can also upgrade your weapons or abilities by collecting cronospheres on level ups.

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Time Wanderer has implemented a system which the developers have called the “Chaos System”. This system measures the amount of chaos you cause in every time period you find yourself in. Every single action you make, from using abilities to defeating enemies makes an impact on the Chaos you cause. When you start a level, you have two options: to go wreaking havoc and finish the level as fast as you can or you can explore thoroughly and carefully. Every action you make must be thought out so that you don’t get “lost in the Chaos”.

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On that note, if you end a level with high Chaos, this will cause a time paradox that will result in a comic ending of the level. This will also lock the true ending of it. Levels can be replayed, but you should keep in mind that time resets when you do that. This is a good strategy to keep players interested and wanting to seek out all of the endings to each level.


Timeless Games is a new and small indie studio with a great mission to drive them through their journey. Although they couldn’t achieve their Kickstarter funding goal, Time Wanderer has great potential and they are going to continue with its development. However, they need all the support they can get. So, if you like the classic 2D RPG genre and want to have a lot of fun, I definitely recommend you keep up with Time Wanderer’s development.

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