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Trailer Park Mechanic is out on Steam Early Access

I have never been much of a mechanic. Cars are cool and going fast is exciting but I have never had the urge to take apart an engine like I have with a computer for instance. This didn’t stop Trailer Park Mechanic from catching my eye. The game is developed and published by Petrolhead Software and it just recently saw the light of day for the first time with an Early Access release on Steam.

The game so far

In Trailer Park Mechanic you play as a mechanic who works on cars from his garage. And yes, it is in a trailer park. You start with what looks like a Cadillac from the 70’s with its engine out of the car. Unfortunately some parts are missing. You can put some junk in what looks like a garbage collector to earn some money for parts. I find it funny how when you order a part it just pops into existence at your doorstep. You have to use the right tools on the right parts of the engine to get it going and then you can enjoy a well deserved ride.


After you have a ride and run over a few neighbours, you get back to your garage and start working on something else. People hire you to fix their cars via phone call and the cycle begins anew. Repair some cars, get some money, run over some people. You know… fun stuff. Since the game is still a work in progress there are only a couple of cars and one engine. But that is going to change.


What is to come

Trailer Park Mechanic just came out on Steam Early Access so it is far from finished. They have stated that the final release of the game should come out in somewhere between one and two years. This means that they have a lot of time to improve and make the game even more fun. On Steam the developers have made a statement about how the full version will differ from the Early Access version.

“Trailer park mechanic will receive A LOT of extra content and gameplay functions. So expect a lot more cars, engines, stores, parts, towns and a much much bigger map.”


For a game that has just gone into Early Access it looks pretty good. Taking into account all the things they plan on adding it is only going to get better. If “working on cars, driving cars, crashing cars, stealing cars and… moonshine.” sounds like something you might enjoy then Trailer Park Mechanic is for you. You can buy the game on Steam here. And show some love to the developers here.

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