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Top 5 Steam Multiplayer VR Games 2018

One of the best aspects of gaming is that you can share your experience with friends and other players. That statement is true for virtual reality games as well. As the number of people who own a VR headset grows, so does the demand for multiplayer games. Here is a list of some recent titles that you might take interest in, if you are searching for a game that you can experience with others.

1-Catan VR

Compatibility: Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, Windows Mixed Reality
Developer: Experiment 7

Catan VR Room Screenshot

Catan VR is based on Klaus Teuber’s popular board game Settlers of Catan, created in 1995. It allows tabletop fans and new players alike to experience the best-selling board game in a fresh, fully-immersive format. You can play against other players from all around the world or AI opponents based on classic Catan personalities. The game also supports cross-platform multiplayer, Vive vs. Gear vs. Go vs. Rift? No problem.



Compatibility: Oculus Rift, HTC Vive
Developer: 5minlab


In BAAM SQUAD you and three other players are holding out in a sweet factory trying to survive wave after wave of vicious undead. The game resembles Left 4 Dead survival mode, but with a voxel style. There is a variety of weapons available from the start and even more to unlock as you progress through the rounds and collect coins. You can also use the coins to upgrade guns that you already have or buy more bullets.


3-Mortars VR

Compatibility: Oculus Rift, HTC Vive
Developer: Growl Interactive

Mortars VR Screenshot

Mortars VR is an all-out online multiplayer VR artillery shooter where you choose one of five different tower classes and test your skills against three other players. You have to manually take aim, calculate distance ,trajectory and velocity and then fire and watch your bullet take flight and hit its mark. As you destroy your opponents you grow taller and stronger, but be careful, your strength might cause others to ally against you.


4-BattleSky VR

Compatibility: Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, Windows Mixed Reality
Developer: Oh!WHATif Inc.

BattleSky VR Screenshot

BattleSky is an multiplayer first-person shooter in which, instead of the classical of running around you instead fly across the sky. Player get to choose between multiple heroes, each with their own set of unique abilities and then face off against each other in a selection of game modes such as Team Deathmatch, Team Escort, Free For All, Attack and Defend. BattleSky also features a single player mode that is unique for every character and shows you their backstory.



Compatibility: Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, Windows Mixed Reality
Developer: Reactor Heart

Oval VR Screenshot

Oval is a multiplayer-focussed shooter in which speed and skill are key. You boost yourself across the map, dodging the bullets of your opponents and shooting back at them. You might be worried that such gameplay could cause dizziness, but Reactor Heart, the creators of the game, claim that you don’t need to worry about motion sickness thanks to Oval’s unique technology. The game even has a map editor that allows you to create any map that you wish, which helps keep things fresh.


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