Time Warrior Z – A Time Travel Game

Time Warrior Z is a VR game that is currently in its beta. It is planned to come to Indiegogo later this December. The game is developed by VR A&B – a small startup company located in Sofia, Bulgaria. Their activity is focused on the development of Virtual Reality apps and games.

Time Warrior Z

About the game

Many years ago the Time Lord cast out his most capable and gifted scientist because of his attempts to create a great evil. The mad scientist disappeared underground and nobody heard of him again. But now he has returned, with his evil serum that can bring to life every object and control it. That is when the fight between the Time Lord and the scientist began.

Here is where you come in as the hero the universe needs. Your quest is to stop the mad scientist as Time Warrior Z. As a hero you have to overcome every challenge that is in your way and follow the scientist in whichever time period he goes to. And stop him. Are you up for the challenge?

Time Warrior Z

Weapons and environment

With the variety of weapons and environments you have the chance to battle different evil creatures that will test how strong and capable you really are. Wield a Katana in a Japanese Dojo or become a true viking in the viking’s ship while you wield your battleaxe. While you are at it, stop by a mine in Pernik where you will discover darkness and more evil creatures. And have you ever wondered what it is like to be an astronaut? Well now you have the opportunity to find out. You will battle space probes in outer space with your sci-fi blade but be careful you can’t trust those creatures. Levels like this and more are to come in the game.

Keep in mind that the game is still under development and there are more things to be expected from it. You can find their game at:

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