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This VR Horror Game Will Let You Travel in Time: Proze: Enlightenment

I was never one with a strong heart when it comes to playing horror games. Especially in Virtual Reality where everything feels like it is right up in your face and can actually hurt you. That’s why I usually avoid them. But with some games I just can’t help it and I forget about all my fears and dive right into it. Today we are looking at PROZE: Enlightenment. A Virtual Reality horror indie game with sci-fi elements that has numerous awards behind its back like Best Indie Game 2017 (Yoda awards) and The Best VR Game 2018 (Indie Blast).

Proze: Enlightenment IFGN Screenshot 1

About the Game

To my luck, Proze: Enlightenment is not entirely a horror game, but includes horror elements together with exploration and puzzle-solving for a unique and immersive virtual reality adventure. It is set both in past and present in a Cold War military research facility. It is a story of friendship and duty, fear and dignity of the people facing the Soviet government. You follow 2 stories that are connected but are on two different timelines. In the present timeline you play as Max who is looking for his friends Anton and Lera, who vanished without a trace. And Max comes to the conclusion that their disappearance has something to do with the events at the secret military facility called Enlightenment.

Proze: Enlightenment IFGN Screenshot 2

In the second timeline from the 70s Anton’s grandfather Anatoly, who worked in Enlightenment, also loses his friend as well. When trying to find out the truth about it, he discovers the dark and twisted secrets of this research project. To save your friends and solve the mystery, you have to navigate both timelines and confront the Soviet military.

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Features and Graphics

Proze: Enlightenment was made specifically for virtual reality. That way the game offers a very immersive atmosphere with incredibly realistic interaction mechanics. The quality of the graphics also brings to the authenticity of the atmosphere as well as the original soundtrack that was made especially for the game. The complex design of the puzzles is going to test your logic, agility and navigation skills. And the horror elements will keep you on the edge at all times.

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Proze: Enlightenment is a horror virtual reality indie game with sci-fi elements that offers a very interesting and engaging story. The jumping between two timelines, I think is a very unique approach to story-telling that we don’t see every day. I definitely recommend to experience this game and enjoy the most of it and you can do that by getting it on Steam!

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