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This VR Climbing Game is Worth Your Time

As a kid, I was never able to climb trees or anything unlike all of my friends. And I have always wanted to, but never managed to do it. Then parkour became popular and I got even sadder that there is another super cool thing related to climbing that I will not be able to do. However, nice game developers have thought about people like us and made video games that will allow us to experience all of those things. And today we are looking at one of those games – With Loneliness.

With Loneliness IFGN Screenshot 1

About the Game

With Loneliness is an athletic virtual reality game that is mostly about climbing and not so much about parkour. It has a very simplistic and abstract art style combined with smooth and easy controls that provide an other worldliness atmosphere.

With Loneliness IFGN Screenshot 2


For a game that focuses mostly on the climbing aspect, With Loneliness offers some very challenges obstacles and levels. Despite the controls being easy to learn, movement won’t always be easy. Different obstacles will prevent you to escape from this world, like missiles, falling trash, destructive lights and more. However by overcoming those obstacles you will achieve goals that will help you along the journey. With Loneliness is going to test your decision-making skills to the max. At some points in the game you will need to decide wheather or not to hold on or to let go. There will be situations in which your stamina is needed of you have to make some instant judgements that your life will depend on. That’s why gameplay can be challenging at times, but it is all worth it.

With Loneliness IFGN Screenshot 3


With Loneliness is a very immersive and abstract climbing game for virtual reality with a pretty unique title. Overall, you are trapped in a world of garbage where different obstacles are going to try to stop you from escaping. And everything being so surreal makes it feel like you are only left with your own loneliness. Or that is at least how I would interpret the title. If you like the game and are looking for a really immersive climbing game for VR, With Loneliness is available both for Oculus Rift and HTC Vive. So go ahead and support the developers on their Steam page.

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