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This Visual Novel Might Leave You Confused

Welcome to the preview of LuGame: Lunchtime Games Club!, a visual novel that at first sight seems like a regular anime romance visual novel. But it feels like a very deep and intriguing twist is hiding behind it. Or that is the feel I got from reading all of the information the developers have given about it.



LuGame: Lunchtime Games Club is a romantic, slice-of-life, comedy visual novel. Its cast consists of a bunch of beautiful girls with interesting personalities and even more interesting looks. The story begins when you and Tifa, your childhood friend are caught playing video games on the school computers. Then the school council president – Stacey, kicks you out. When this unfortunate thing happens, you and your friend then join the games club with the hope to continue your lazy gaming life in school. But there is something odd about this games club – there is only one other member – a little girl who pretends to be a robot. Together you are going to embark on an easygoing, funny and romantic adventure.

IFGN LuGame Screenshot 1


LuGame: Lunchtime Games Club is a visual novel that consists of 65 000 words that offer approximately 5 to 6 hours of gameplay depending on the player’s reading speed. It will also take you on three possible branching paths with three routes. And another main feature are the datable characters that offer multiple endings. So that means that your choices will matter at the end. The game also has an original soundtrack composed exclusively for it as well as beautiful contemporary anime art style.

IFGN LuGame Screenshot 2


Now let’s take a look into the characters. Starting with Tifa, she is your childhood friend and you spend so much of your time with her that people think you two are dating. So, this character seems to be one of the potential romance interests.

IFGN LuGame Character 1

Next is Stacey. She is the president of the student council and she loves to make your life difficult. She seems to be one of those a bit more pretentious characters and she’s also daddy’s girl.  

IFGN LuGame Character 2

Then we have the games club’s only member, K-T. She claims to be a Battle-Droid and she will do anything to defend the games club.

IFGN LuGame Character 3

The last main character is Alex. Alex is a transfer student from Thailand and all of that causes cultures to clash in the classroom.

IFGN LuGame Character 4


So if you are ready to dive into the world of those girls and get to know their personalities, resolve all the different endings and see what twists hide behind LuGame: Lunchtime Game Club, then check out their Steam Page and add them to your wishlist. The game is coming out this June, so if you are a visual novel fan, don’t miss out!

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