The struggle of VR Anime

VR Anime

Virtual Reality is a wonderful thing that brings with it new ways of interacting with games and mechanics that were never possible before. It also puts you directly in the world of the game that you are playing. Naturally, this made a lot of anime fans excited to finally be able to enter the worlds of their favorite anime series. But alas, VR is still relatively new and most animes won’t be getting a VR adaptation any time soon. But that doesn’t mean that there is no way to satisfy your need for VR anime. Apart from the games that actually require you to focus and play, there are a bunch of games that just put you in an anime environment and let you enjoy it without much effort.


The Hop Step Sing! Series for instance put you in different anime worlds and let you enjoy dancing anime girls till your heart’s content. If that’s what you’re looking for that is. If you are looking for an experience where you actually get to know a girl and maybe have some fun with her, then games like VR Kanojo, Project LUX, Together VR and Old Maid Girl might be what you are looking for. Sadly most VR anime experiences that let you relax and not worry much about controls are of these 2 types. But don’t worry. There are a few ways to experience anime in virtual reality.

Actual VR Anime

There is only one true VR anime that I know of and it is sadly quite short. On the other hand it is free, so you can’t really be mad at it for its length. Ghost In The Shell VR is a free experience that lasts for around 5 minutes. This may not seem like anything groundbreaking but it shows that it can be done. If anything this gives me hope that the full Ghost In The Shell animated film could someday be available for VR.

2D but in 3D

If you still want to watch your favorite anime in VR (and who can blame you), there is another way. Using a VR desktop application allows you to watch any anime, movie, browser, game etc. you can watch on your pc, in VR. This is by far the easiest way of watching VR anime and it basically gives you an infinite variety of shows. Virtual desktop is the most popular software of this type but it has its downsides. It costs a bit more than some similar applications and it has recently been said that it crashes under some circumstances. That is why I recommend trying out Whirligig VR. It is a cheaper alternative for watching VR anime and it supposedly works great. These programs don’t really transport you to the anime world but they do help you immerse yourself in it. And I guess that is good enough for now.

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