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The Path of Greatest Resistance: VR Space Shooter

Out of all the ways humanity could meet its end it seems the zombie apocalypse and machine apocalypse are the most common ones when it comes to entertainment media. Maybe it’s because there’s not that much fun to be had with “flaming rock falls, everybody dies”. The Path of Greatest Resistance humanity has been brought to the edge of extinction due to, can you guess what, machines. Now it’s our chance to fight back



Humans no longer dwell on Earth, thanks to us being almost completely wiped out by robots. Why do they hate us? I’m just gonna bet it’s because either a: they saw us as inferior which drove them to murder us for some reason, b: we abused them, and they grew a consciousness and understood they were being abused or c: a bug or hack is at fault. Whatever the reason, it doesn’t matter now, but there’s still hope as some humans have been able to retreat to the  rocky outer regions of our solar system. Now it’s time to fight back against what is now collectively called the Machine Alliance.


So, about gameplay, The Path of Greatest Resistance is a VR rail shooter. You move forwards as robots and other nasties keep coming your way trying to kill you. What makes it interesting is that it has three types of locomotion. The first one is what I would describe as the classic rails shooter mode. Basically, you’re are always moving forward. Then there’s what the developer called an “experimental jog-to-move mode” in which the player jogs in place to move forward along the path. Last one is the weirdest of them all, but is also a healthy exercise, the highly experimental Treadmill Mode that lets users play the game while walking on an exercise treadmill.


You have two modes to choose from. The first is an endless mode, which is pretty self-explanatory. The second one is the standard mode where you follow missions that have a common pattern, but they differ according to which two weapons you get as well as some other things. For instance in the first mission, you get a pistol and a basic sword. In the second mission, you get a pistol and a sword with a force field and so on. As you progress weapons get more advanced.


The Path of Greatest Resistance is fun and, in the end of the day, that is what’s most important. The gameplay is well-made and solid and there is some replayability to it. The story isn’t anything special, might even call it generic, but you’re not really buying it for that. It’s also really cheap, like 3,99€, so you’re not gonna lose that much for just trying it out. If you are interested you can check out the Steam store page here.

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