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The Mysterious World of Anodyne 2: Return to Dust

In this sequel to Anodyne, explore vast 3D landscapes and shrink into surreal, 2D worlds in characters’ bodies. With PS and 16-bit-influenced art styles, play as Nova, the Nano Cleaner. Seek out Cards, and clean the world’s dangerous Nano Dust in order to protect the mysterious entity, “The Center”.


Anodyne 2

About the game

The follow up to 2013’s Anodyne is finally here. You enter an evocative, surreal, lo-fi 3D and 2D world and play as Nova, the Nano Cleaner, who is tasked with collecting dangerous Nano Dust. This dust grows throughout New Theland, which then must be returned for recycling to a mysterious entity, only known as the “Center”. Walk or ride across a lush, moody world in full 3D. Discover strange characters and places. Shrink into characters and collect Nano Dust through 2D gameplay, reminiscent of the Legend of Zelda. Discover the true nature of the Nano Dust, Nova, and The Center. Much like Final Fantasy, there’s no need to play Anodyne to understand Anodyne 2’s story, but longtime fans will find connections to Anodyne 1.


Anodyne 2


Anodyne 2 is a very unique game, conveying the style of PS and N64 games. By following the development of this action-adventure sequel you can notice that some of the content of Anodyne 2  appears to be very pixelated. Or a 2D early 16-bit style of the original Anodyne. We shouldn’t forget to mention that Anodyne 2 is a rhythm game also. A very interesting thing in the game is how the developer Sean Han Tani of Analgesic Productions got trapped in the gaming dimension.

This is how we unravel the story behind this unusual world. In the previous game the main way to interact with the world was with a broom. In the sequel you take on the role of Nano Cleaner Nova. As you encounter unclean creatures you will need to shrink yourself down to a microscopic size and navigate in the 2D worlds inside the creatures. You need to cleanse them from the Nano Dust and bring them back as they were before.


Anodyne 2


Anodyne 2 looks interesting and fun to play as you switch between the 3D and 2D world. The art is very unusual as a game made nowadays and it takes you back in time. You will definitely immerse yourself in the world of Nano Dust and try to cleanse as many creatures as you can by using your magical powers. Anodyne 2: Return To Dust is planned to come out in early 2019, and we are looking forward to unravel the mysterious story of New Theland as soon as possible.

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