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Zeliria Sanctuary – Anime Visual Novel

Take on the role of  Maxx, and immerse yourself into the mysterious world of Zeliria Sanctuary. You will have many adventures and encounter very interesting characters. By your side will be your companion that’s a Salangan named Humkey.


Zeliria Sanctuary

About the game

Follow the dynamic and exciting story of Maxx, as he goes to a different planet called Zeliria Sanctuary. Luckily on your adventures Humkey will be to the rescue. Who is Humkey? Well, he is a purple alien that resembles what we call a hamster on Earth. He dislikes being called a hamster so try not to do that. In the middle of your adventures you will meet Leeka. She will help you too, her girl-cat skills will be useful In Zeliria Sanctuary your choices will form your story. All of these choices cardinally influence the further events in the visual novel. Experience 11 different endings without counting the bad endings. As you progress you will notice there are three heroines, each with her own story and several possible endings. In this strange and funny world there are laws you should follow. You will also learn of the history of Zeliria Sanctuary. Your adventures might not always be victorious, because of all variety of fantastic beasts that you will not find anywhere else. However the fantastic humor and selective sarcasm will always keep you going. The most you will gain from it will be the stunning sceneries and the knowledge of that planet. And finally are of course the abundance of beautiful scenes about love!

Influencing the story directly in some cases might mean that you have to decide someone’s fate. Do they get to live or die is all up to you. Depending on your trust in them you can decide easily. Small decisions might turn out to have a big outcome. You should choose wisely. There is an idea behind the different endings. The guys from Salangan Games wanted every player to feel like they want to unlock all the different endings.


Zeliria Sanctuary


The art in this visual novel is very vivid and the artists put a lot of effort into creating the characters. In my opinion Humkey has the best expressions. The downside however is that he has more expressions than the other characters. Maxx needs a bit more touching up in my opinion in some places only because he looks a bit off. All in all the art is interesting and captivating. The nature scenes are very beautiful and realistic.


Zeliria Sanctuary


The music in Zeliria Sanctuary is different for every scene. In most places it helps to set the mood and it fits perfectly. There are also some effect sounds. The only thing I didn’t like about the sounds is that they cut off very sharply when you change scenes. But my overall impression of the music is good.


Zeliria Sanctuary


The team has started work on this project in July 2017, and the full version of the game is planned to come out very soon. In conclusion this seems like a very promising visual novel. It is very funny and depends on your decision entirely. The characters are unique and cool-looking. I liked playing the demo and I can’t wait to see the full version.

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