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The Legend Of Vraz, A Stylized Adventure Game

The Legend Of Vraz is a 2D platformer with a style inspired by Indian Miniature paintings and legends. It’s being developed by Zatun, who started off as a small outsourcing studio and then gradually moved to creating their own projects. The game was developed over a period of 15 months and is now approaching its release, so what better time to look at it.


The Legend Of Vraz is a story-based adventure game with a mix of Mario and Prince of Persia gameplay. You take the role of  a prince that met and fell in love with a princess named Avi. In order to marry her you have to successfully perform five tasks set by her father. Now you have to brave the world of exotica in order to win her heart.

The Legend Of Vraz Level

The game itself is a platformer, as you might expect. Your main weapon is a bow for which you can find five different arrow upgrades. You will be faced with an array of different enemies, all with their own unique behaviours and patterns. Each level and environment will also have its own game mechanics which will provide a more different experience for the players as they progress.

The Legend Of Vraz Temple

The way the game progresses is interesting. The earlier levels seem fairly easy but as the game moves ahead, the levels start becoming quite challenging. The developers have stated that their goal for The Legend Of Vraz is for it to be easy to learn but hard to master. You’ll have to utilize your reflexes and mind in the best possible manner, especially in the later stages.

The Legend Of Vraz Clouds


The Legend of Vraz seems to be forming into a simple, but fun experience. It explores the realms of a culture which are hardly touched by most video games. It certainly holds promise and the developers even have future ideas in mind. They have plans for a DLC which will feature new levels, gameplay and characters. If you are interested, you should keep an eye on their Steam store page.


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