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The Legacy of Music: A Rhythm Game to Enjoy with Friends

The Legacy of Music is a first person neon shooter game that combines futuristic music and puzzle solving with friends. It is developed in Unreal Engine 4 by the small indie team of two – Nezos Games. They are two Colombian students that were so passionate about video games, that they decided to start making their own. Their aim with The Legacy of Music is to evoke beautiful pictures of distant and lonely places accompanied by futuristic and calming tracks that you retrieve yourself.

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About the Game

In The Legacy of Music you wake up as a droid in an incinerator next to what’s left of the remains of your species. As you go out you see that everything is surrounded by lava and there is only one tower left. It is the last tower and after everything else has been lost, you remember that you are a gatherer and your duty is to recover, gather and save the music. You equip your weapon and prepare to climb the last tower. The lava never stops and along the way up, there are various puzzles that pop up to challenge you. Your purpose is to reach as high as possible while you are accompanied by retro music. The interesting thing about the game is that it doesn’t only let you play alone, but with friends in multiplayer as well. Each puzzle you face together is randomly generated and you have to use teamwork to solve and overcome it before the lava reaches you.

The music that you listen to while playing consists of a few genres like Retro, Disco, Synthwave, Chiptune, Cyberpunk and more. It gives you a “blast from the past” vibe that is almost nostalgic but pleasant at the same time.  

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You can team up with 3 other friends of yours for a team of 4 total droids. Or you can join other people’s parties. Depending on what difficulty you play the game at, you will get to recover artefacts. On easy, there are no artefacts, on medium there are blue and green artefacts and on hard – there are blue, green, yellow and red artefacts.

While you are climbing the tower, you also gather points, musical notes and nuts that represent the skins in the game. They allow you to buy items from the store with which you can randomize the music during your gameplay. Skins and color palettes allow you to change your character’s appearance and make you distinguishable among your friends.

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The Legacy of Music is a 3D platformer, first person shooter game that combines cool futuristic or retro music to bring you tons of pleasant emotions. The neon colors in the game soothe the eye and the ability to play with your friends is wonderful. The small team of two – Nezos Games – just recently released their brand new project on Steam, so if you feel like trying a cool new fun game with your friends, feel free to check it out. It’s pretty fun!

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