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The Force Awakens in Raw Data VR

The past year we’ve seen a lot of shooters like Arizona Sunshine, Superhot VR and Starblood Arena among plenty of other releases. After being in Early Access for a long time on HTC Vive and Oculus Rift, Raw Data is considerate one of the most enjoyable PlayStation VR games.


A little about the story. Eden is a robotics corporation that owns the world you live in. And it is developing the newest line of robotic products. Your mission is to uncover the sinister reality behind their project. Infiltrate Eden Tower, steal as much Raw Data as possible, and get out alive. The more the truth unravels before you, the more you question yourself. Does Eden really grant immortality? What is Eden truly collecting? Under a thin facade Eden is hiding something much much more worse. And it’s up to you to find out what.

Raw Data


Created with a sci-fi atmosphere Raw Data will completely immerse you within the surreal environment of Eden Corp. You have the option to team up with a friend and become the heroes of your own future. Prepare yourself to dual wield pistols, slash and slice with a sword and use fists to close-quarters combat. You can choose from 4 classes heroes each with their own unique weapon, abilities, and playstyle. Every time you beat a stage in the game your character gains a new ability.

  • Bishop – armed with a pistol that is reloaded occasionally
  • Saija – armed with a sword and a telekinetic ability
  • Boss – armed with a shotgun that requires to be pumped in between shots
  • Elder –  armed with a bow

My favourite character is the Saija because the sword can deflect bullets as well as be thrown like a lightsaber. With your telekinetic ability you can pick up enemies, throw them at each other or simply slam them against a wall. Almost as if you are a Jedi. My least favourite character would be the Elder because shooting with the bow was quite slow and when a lot of robots start to come the bow doesn’t help as much. Also in my opinion the bow doesn’t really fit in the futuristic set of the game.

In the 10 stages of Raw Data you have to battle with murderous machines such as stealth ninjas, laser gunners, rocket heavies,  jumping crawlers, exploder bots, flying drones, charger mechs, ion beams, towering megabots and more.

Raw Data Sword


This technothriller is very entertaining to play. The sneak attacks the robots make from behind at any given moment keeps you constantly alert. And in my opinion the story of the game is most captivating. The mood that is set by the voice actors is very well timed. Everything was thought through. It really gets you into the futuristic feel of the gameplay. The enemies you encounter are also very skillful and not that easy to kill. Every robot has their unique attacks. The most difficult robot to fight could indeed be the camouflage ninja. This robot is invisible and has a laser sword.

The movement during gameplay is a bit overwhelming at times and even a little hectic. The harder the stage the more turning movements are required and you might become dizzy. The plus side of the stages is the touch of variety they have. As any other wave shooter each stage offers the player a bigger variety of enemies. Even though it suffers from the unavoidable repetition. The way the game compensates for this is with the opportunity to move in the levels unlike other wave shooters were your position is stationary. Raw Data has missions and that adds an actual reason for you to want to pass the levels.

Raw Data Gun


In conclusion Raw Data is the most refined wave shooter you can find on PSVR right now. The sci-fi setting is enjoyable to immerse yourself in. The down part of this VR game is the motion control problems that may occur and ruin your gameplay.

Raw Data is now available on Oculus Rift and HTC Vive. Link to the Steam store here.


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