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The Copper Canyon Shootout: Wild West VR Robots

I remember playing Wild Guns on the SNES and thinking that I am the one steampunk cowboy to rule them all. More recently I had that same feeling while playing Wild Guns Reloaded and the Call of Juarez games on PC. But never has that feeling been translated to VR properly. Other than maybe Arizona Sunshine but zombies just don’t fit in a wild west game. Unlike robots of course. They fit in just perfectly. Shut up, they do! The Copper Canyon Shootout might just be the game that makes me feel that way in VR.

The setting

The Copper Canyon Shootout is set in a futuristic wild west where robots have apparently taken over the world. And as in any good game, it’s your job to stop them. Significantly outnumbered and outgunned by these tin cans with weapons, you have to give it your all and channel your inner Clint Eastwood. You will have to shoot your way through three unique environments. The Town, the Desert Canyon and the Crystal Power Plant.



There is one thing that every game like this can’t exist without, and it’s described pretty well on the steam page. “Guns which go bang!”. And boy do they go bang. Every wild west game has to have the staple wild west weapon, a six shooter. But The Copper Canyon Shootout is too bad ass for that, so it has a twelve shooter instead. In fact you can use two at once.


You get two guns, one for each hand, and plenty of bullets for both. Rack up points by shooting the robots in their weak spots and killing them. Or shoot them in the head and watch them flail around like idiots. If they are shooting at you too much, just shoot their weapons out of their hands. If it’s too late for that and they have already shot at you, shoot their bullets out of the air. Yes, shoot their bullets! Yee Haw. Oh and you move by teleportation. Just in case you were worried about motion sickness.



Arcade games have always had a special place in my heart and this modern, VR, arcade game lights a fire in me. I hope it does the same for you as you shoot your way through hordes of silly robots. The Copper Canyon Shootout is available on Steam and it works with HTC Vive and Oculus Rift. Now excuse me as I ride my steed into the sunset.

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