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The Brookhaven Experiment: Atmospheric Horror Game

Do you like dark eerie atmosphere, creepy environments and varied monsters. Boy, is this the game for you. The Brookhaven Experiment is a Virtual Reality survival shooter where you have to defend yourself from wave after wave of other-dimensional creatures that have almost destroyed humanity. If you’re good at surviving you might live long enough to find what caused the creatures to appear in the first place.


The game is wave shooter which means that you stay in one place as waves of enemies come at you. This might not fit everybody’s taste, but the Brookhaven Experiment does a very good job with this concept. There are two game modes. One is a story mode where you progress through areas, and the other is a survival mode where you try to stay alive for as long as you can with a constantly increasing difficulty.

The Brookhaven Experiment enviroment

In the story mode you have a radio which someone uses to communicate with you and tell you where you are and what you are doing. Most of these missions are “Protect this”, “Wait for that”. Basically they are the reason why you will be staying in one place and waiting for the monsters instead of running away. The locations are dark which can make it easy for some enemies to sneak up on you.  Don’t worry though, you have a flashlight and a gun, surely more than enough to handle hoards of abominations from another dimension.


So let’s talk about your equipment. You have a flashlight, as mentioned above, that is quite handy in the dark environments, but has limited battery so you should try to use it sparingly. You also get a knife. It can be quickly switched with the flashlight for when the monsters get up close and personal. The weapon you will be mainly relying on is of shooty variety. Make sure you land your shots well because you have a limited supply of ammo and once it’s gone your only valid option will be pistol whipping and stabbing.

The Brookhaven Experiment shooting

At the end of each round you get to pick from a variety of choices that include more ammo, grenades, different guns, batteries, etc. The problem is that you can’t get everything you want and have to pick the gear that you’ll most likely need. In essence, this is what adds actual difficulty to the game. You have to manage your resources very well in order to survive, especially in later levels.


How, can I not mention the monsters, that’s my favorite part of most games. The Brookhaven Experiment offers quite the variety. You have your normal shambling zombie-like creatures, bigger guys that get pissed when you shoot them and start charging at you, hulking monstrosities that can soak up bullets like a sponge, spitting bug thing, and more. There is one  that actually made me go “WHAT IN THE NINE LAYERS OF HELL IS THAT”, a colossal abomination that looks like it walked out of the Cloverfield movie.

The Brookhaven Experiment giant monster


The Brookhaven Experiment is a very enjoyable VR horror game. It offers fear through eerie atmosphere and limited resources similar to old Resident Evil games. It also has some replayability since you can always pick different gear or just test your skill in the survival mode. It’s a game that is worth the price.

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