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The blood pumping winter sports VR game: Powder VR

Most people are amazed by extreme sports. Or at least they find them to be cool. I come from a family of skiers so I have been on the snow ever since I was two years old. At thirteen I started snowboarding and I haven’t missed a season since.There is just something so freeing about going at ludicrous speeds down a snow-covered mountain. The only problem with winter sports is that most people can’t do them all year. Thankfully there are games like Ubisoft’s Steep and RainSoft’s upcoming title Powder VR.

Powder VR is a skiing, snowboarding and wingsuiting game set in a 14, 000 ft. mountain. It is coming to Steam Early Access in June 2019. Expect to find it on Steam for the HTC Vive and the Oculus Rift.

Powder VR

What we can expect

The Steam Page tells us that you will be able to do different snow and ice covered terrain which you can traverse by skiing or snowboarding on it. Or, if you don’t want to be land bound, you can soar through the skies like a bird, with a wingsuit. There is a downhill mode, where you embrace your inner Sonic and go as fast as possible. A freestyle mode where you take your time and do as many fancy tricks as you can. Or a slalom where you navigate the perfect like.


Allegedly there will be adjustable comfort settings to reduce motion sickness in VR. However, different people have different thresholds for motion sickness. So just like real snowboarding, I can’t say it’s for everyone. But if you think you have the stomach for it, consider giving it a shot.

Powder VR


The full release promises a bunch of features that I know would work wonderfully, because they are already available in Ubisoft’s Steep. This however is not a bad thing in any way. Ubisoft is a company that has been around for thirty three years. The newcomers from RainSoft only have one game behind their back and yet they have set to do what Ubisoft does with a AAA budget. And not only do it like them. They are planning on doing it all in full VR.

Powder VR


Powder VR is clearly a passion-filled project that strives to achieve what seems impossible. If RainSoft come even close to bringing us all the things they have promised, they will deserve a standing ovation. As an avid extreme sports and winter sports fan I can’t wait to see what they come up with. Definitely keep an eye on Powder VR if any of this sounds interesting to you.

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