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The Best VR Fitness Game Out There? BoxVR

If you are sick and tired of going to the gym or outside in the heat for a jog but still want to put in a good work out, you can now do that while playing games! Remember how your mom used to tell you that it is so unhealthy to be sitting down all day playing video games? Well joke’s on you, mom. There are virtual reality games now that allow you to have a good work out all while having lots of fun gaming.

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About the Game

Today we are looking at one fitness VR game and that’s BoxVR. It is a rhythm-based boxing game that has regularly updated workouts by professional fitness instructors. So this game really is a big deal if you want to actually work out while playing games. Developed by FitXR, their goal is to redefine fitness through immersive technologies to prove that exercise is for everyone. And what I think is even more important – that it Can be fun for everyone.

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Gameplay and Features

You play BoxVR by punching pink and blue pointers that depending on what direction they point at, it indicates if you should hit a jab, a hook or an uppercut. All of that is synched to the rhythm of the music you choose from the game menu. There are specifically designed workouts to burn all of your calories and they vary from 3 minute warm ups to 20+ minutes intense workouts. And all of them are coordinated with professional fitness trainers to ensure that everything is safe and healthy for you to do.

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What is more, you are able to track your progress in BoxVR. Every workout is recorded, so that you can see how many calories you burn per workout and then calculate your overall results. We all know that cardio can be extremely annoying and unenjoyable no matter the health benefits that it provides. That’s why in this fitness game you are able to train with your own music. With the implemented Workout Generator you can analyze your music and preferred genre and create workouts that fit your music taste.

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Apart from that, the fitness game has a variety of different music available. All by real artists and genres that vary from Rock to Pop, Dance to Hip Hop and K-Pop, Samba, Ska and many more. The best part is that the developers are constantly improving and updating BoxVR with new workouts and features.



BoxVR is aiming to be the best fitness game for virtual reality and to change people’s lives by helping them live more healthy and fit all while having fun. I believe nowadays most of us want to work out more and be healthy, but we never manage to do it because of our busy daily lives. But combining working out with gaming will be both time saving and beneficial for your routine. So, if you want to get fitter and stronger without spending hours in the gym, consider getting BoxVR that is available for Oculus Rift, HTC Vive and PSVR. You can find it on Steam.

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