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TAG WAR: Everything Has a Price in This VR Multiplayer Game

TAG WAR is a game about scanning barcodes. Wait, don’t leave, I swear it’s more interesting than it sounds. It’s actually a shooter where buying things and spending money equals victory. Wait, now it started to sound like it’s a pay to win game from a triple A publisher. Don’t worry It’s nothing like that, here you can buy other people… I’ll just start from the beginning.

TAG WAR Scaning


In TAG WAR you control a cute robot and, along with your team, you have to collect the highest possible bill using your scanner to buy items. When a round starts you and your teammates are dropped is a store filled with random things to buy. Those things are your items and weapons. As you buy more things your team bill will go higher and higher. Your purchasing power doesn’t stop there though. You can also buy the enemy players. Yes, in this game everything has a price, including you. The way you buy people is by scanning their barcode, but in order to do that you must get close. Or instead you can use a weapon if you have one. They vary from throwable ones like apples, or a gun that can buy people from afar. Also, there are other items that help you in your shopping spree, like an umbrella that protects you from the aforementioned gun. At the end of the round, the team with the highest compulsive shopping disorder wins.


One thing I really love about TAG WAR is just how customizable your character is. There’s an editing option that allows you to paint your robot however you like. You use something similar to an airbrush, and you have full control over it. You can change the diameter in which it sprays and the colour. Not only that, but you can change the face as well. It’s not as freely customizable as the texture of the main body, but you do have a nice selection to choose from. The menu of the game is also very creatively made. It resembles a market checkout where all the options are on a conveyor belt and you have to scan them to choose them.

TAG WAR Customizing Character


is a fun little game that’s perfect for you if you have friends with VR and want to play with them The concept is pretty unique and the design is quite charming. I have to admit, there are problems with the controls, mainly with the movement, and it’s also suffering from a lack of players so you’ll be playing against bots most of the time. Other than that it’s a good game and if you are interested you can check out the Steam page here.

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