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Super Web Kittens: The Visual Novel for Cat Lovers

I have to put something out there before I start this article. I am a grown man! Well… A grown manchild. But I love, cute little animals. Cats, dogs, hamsters, lizards, hedgehogs, ferrets, you name it. So imagine my surprise when I was scrolling in the upcoming section of Steam and I saw Super Web Kittens, a visual novel about cats. Needless to say, I played the free demo. And this is what i think about it.

Behind the Game

Super Web Kittens: Act 1 is apparently the first in a line of games about cats and other cute animals. The developer behind this project, Kuno Hoshiko, has made this game in a free graphics editor and has used only stock Creative Commons and Public Domain resources found on the Internet. That goes for music, sound effects and graphics as well. I think it’s an interesting concept. Finding out what you can make while only using free assets off the internet.

Super Web Kittens Martial Art

Art Style

The game has a very distinctive style that I’m not sure that I like. Is uses pictures of real cats and dogs and ads anime eyes on them, along with some pointy eyebrows. The eyes allow for some expressions but in my opinion it would look way better if the entire animals were drawn. However I do know that this art style is a result of using free assets off the internet. It would be way bore work do have the whole thing hand drawn.

Super Web Kittens Stuff

The Story

So I played the demo and it was quite short, so I couldn’t get a good grasp of the story. All I know is that I’m a cat named Clover, I meet a cat named Aristotle and a dog named Coda and we are in school. We get put in the same team for a class project and it seems like some bonding is about to happen between these characters. Aristotle tells you a short story and the demo ends. The Steam page talks about a future where intelligent animals with anime eyes have inherited Earth from extinct humans and created a new society. Honestly, the more I read, the more I don’t know what to expect from the actual game, so I will stop now.

Super Web Kittens Class


I think that Super Web Kittens could become a very interesting franchise if it goes crazy with the story and goes in a totally unexpected direction. Like one of the cats commits a murder and you have to become a cat lawyer to defend it, Phoenix Wright style. Or the cat gang discovers a conspiracy about a cult of other animals in their school and they decide to investigate. Maybe I’m expecting the wrong things out of this game. Oh well.

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