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Super Versus: The Superhero PVP Game

Superheroes fighting other superheroes seems to have become a popular thing in recent years. It’s no surprise really. People have always liked comparing characters and their powers with one another. Now that superheroes have become so popular, it’s only natural that this would happen. It was only a matter of time before a game with that main theme would be made and that game is Super Versus. It’s a multiplayer PVP game and it’s being developed by just two people, quite an impressive feat. They’ve been working on it for two years now and it’s finally approaching its release.

About the Game

Super Versus Lasers

As mentioned above Super Versus is an online multiplayer game where you play as a superhero and fight against other players. Of course, you’ll have an array of powers at your disposal. They include flying and dashing through the air, running or crawling on any surface, grabbing and throwing objects. There are also more offensive abilities like lasers, freeze breath and shock. You have no health in the game, which makes fights more intense since every little mistake can cost you your life. This will certainly make the game hard to master. Someone new to the game is likely to get killed a lot, but the more they play, the better they will become.

Super Versus Flying

There are currently 14 different maps and two game modes.The first one is Deathmatch. In it you win by reaching the score limit first. The other is Royale. In this one you win by being the last one to survive while the zone closes in. The developers are planning to add more modes in the future, possibly even before the game releases on Steam. There are also plans on adding PvE elements such as evil drones that fly around and try to kill you as well as more heroes to choose from and maps to play in. Upon release the game is going to be free to play. In its early access stage the only paid elements of Super Versus will be additional cosmetics for players.

Super Versus Hit


Most of us have wanted to be a superhero at one point of our lifes. Super Versus aims to bring that feeling, but mainly concentrated on the combat part. It’s an interesting idea and there’s a lot of hard work being put behind the title. It has a lot of potential and if you are interested in checking it out then make sure to visit the Steam store page here

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