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Super Realistic Autocross: Arcade Racer

Super Realistic Autocross is an arcade-style racing simulator developed by the indie studio Doonamai. Back in 2016, the CEO Kyle Klouda was dreaming about developing games. However, he lacked the motivation to do it, because everybody said he would fail. But once he pushed through that negativity, he finally founded his indie studio Doonamai, LLC. The origin of the name comes from the greek word “dunamai” which means “to have the power to do something”. And with their games, Doonamai aim to cease the negativity in today’s gaming community and show that everybody can be a game developer. Just as long as they wish so.

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Super Realistic Autocross is a racing simulator that combines funny arcade graphics with super realistic cone physics and provides over 50 tracks by release that you can practice your driving skills on. Some of which were designed by pros and others that are real-life autocross tracks. With a successful Kickstarter funding campaign, Super Realistic Autocross plans to add double the amount of racing tracks via free patches and updates. This makes sure that you will never get bored and you will have a wider and wider variety of tracks to race on.

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One of the main features of Super Realistic Autocross is that it teaches you how to be a real driver. You know, everyone can drive really fast. But driving really fast around taking low-angled turns is what turns you into a real driver. It is going to teach you the fundamentals of autocross and how to use a car to its full capabilities.

In Super Realistic Autocross you can also be a Cone Murderer. That’s right, you can finally let all your rage out on those poor cones. According to the devs, if you aren’t killing cones, you aren’t trying hard enough and I agree. But you have to be careful, because due to being a Super Realistic Autocross, some of the cones may fight back!

Main feature of Super Realistic Autocross include:

  • Racing on tracks with various environments
  • Facing ridiculous and outrageous obstacles
  • Learning the basics of Realistic Autocross
  • A leaderboard where you get to beat the times of all the professionals!

And what’s better than beating yourself by learning all the cars and improving your time on each track? That’s right, beating your friends to it.

Super Realistic Autocross IFGN


Super Realistic Autocross is a very fun game, made from developers with a great sense of humour and that also fight for a good cause in the gaming industry. The obvious sarcasm in the developing of this game and the way it is presented is hilarious and I think it’s what makes it so much fun. After their successful Kickstarter, Doonamai have big plans for the game, one of which includes the game being transferred to Virtual Reality! If you want to have tons of fun with a cool and simple game, then definitely check out Super Realistic Autocross on Steam and add it to your wishlist for to see every update until its release in February 2019.

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