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Sublevel Zero Redux: 0 G Shooter

If you are older you might have heard of a game called Descent, a first person shooter where you pilot a ship and traverse a space maze. Despite its success it did not spawn many “clones”, unlike Doom did. Sublevel Zero Redux is what can be considered a comeback of the genre, and a really good one in fact.


Sublevel Zero Redux is a rogue-like sci-fi shooter where you have to navigate through a maze like spaceship, destroy enemies and use their parts to improve yourself. The goal of each level is to reach a core and blow it up. Simple enough, so what makes this game special.

Sublevel Zero Redux level map

Let’s start with the movement. As the name might imply you are in a 0 gravity environment. This means that you have six degrees of freedom to move around. The map, like in most rogue-likes, is procedurally generated and has a maze like structure. The rooms a hollow and the main two things you are going to encounter in them are enemies and loot.


The aforementioned enemies are flying drones, all equipped with varied weaponry, that will attack  you on sight. There are quite a few different types of them, each with unique weapons and behaviour. Some are slow and will shoot you from afar, other will chase you down as they try to kill you. When you kill an enemy it drops resources that you can use to upgrade your weapons among other things.

Sublevel Zero Redux drone


When you start the game you have three weapons available to you, an autocannon, a pulse cannon and a missile launcher. In order to craft better guns or improve your current ones you’ll need loot that you get from chests or just by killing enemies as mentioned above. You can use these resources to upgrade your fuselage as well. Keep in mind crafting isn’t free. It costs nanites and other weapons, so make sure you loot everything you can.

Sublevel Zero Redux lasers


Sublevel Zero Redux is a perfect game for fans of the rogue-like genre. The vast variety of craftable weapons and randomly generated maps gives players a reason to play through it multiple times. It’s only discernible problem is that it might seem a bit simple and bland at first, but give it a bit of time and you will see that there is a lot of enjoyment to be found.

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