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Stay Silent: Western VR Stealth Game

Do you remember that movie with the ridiculous concept Cowboys & Aliens? It seems that NetEase Games found it to be a source of inspiration and thus we have Stay Silent. Though, unlike the move this is more concentrated on stealth than action. Best to talk about it a bit more in depth for you to get a good idea of what it’s about.


There was once a small quiet town on the western frontier. So quiet in fact that you haven’t heard of the local authority for two weeks. This called for an investigation. You, as the federal sheriff, were the one ordered to head there and check things out. As you arrive in the dead of night you noticed something was very off, the quiet town was now a straight up ghost town. It doesn’t take long for you to discover what’s the cause behind this. Angry aliens from outer space. Now that you know what the problem is it’s time to make it disappear.

Ruined Building

We’ve established the setting, now what about the game itself. Stay Silent I would best describe as a stealth shooter. You and your enemies are equipped with cloaking devices. This means that you can’t see each other directly, but you still have a shadow that is visible under moonlight, so you have to watch where you step if you don’t want to expose your position. You can also hear your opponent and pin down where they are that way. It’s like a game of hide and seek, but both of you are hiding and seeking.

Gear and Weapons

Once you find your opponent you have to kill him, and to help you with that you have a variety of both old western guns and futuristic alien tech. You have around ten firearms, grenades and other throwables, light sabers, and others. There are also other interactables you can play around with scattered across the map.

Speaking of maps, there are multiple western style maps which you can play on – the bar, the cemetery and the church. You can roam freely on all of them as you try to out-stealth the enemy, immersing yourself in the environment. You can also invite friends to fight alongside you against multiple enemies, or just stab them once they join you, cause why not.



Stay Silent is a very well-made stealth shooter that really benefits from the immersion virtual reality offers. It honestly feels a bit like a VR version of Hunt Showdown. Even if you don’t like the weird premise there’s still fun to be had here, and if you do like it then there’s even more enjoyment to be had. If you are interested you can check out Stay Silent’s Steam page here.

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