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Sprint Vector Review: A Race For The Ages

Remember the feeling you got the first time you saw or played Jet Grind Radio?

The art style, music and gameplay clashing together into an amazingly stylish game that makes you want to live in its world. Well that’s what Sprint Vector will make you feel.

Art Style

Let’s start by talking about the art style because it’s the first thing that grabs your attention when you see the game. It uses a style of cel-shaded graphics, just like Jet Grind Radio, the game it appears to have drawn some inspiration from. It also uses lots of vibrant colors and plays around heavily with contrast. These design choices fit in very well with the cartoonish style. All the characters are unique and have a certain charm to them. All of this makes the game a visual treat that you can just sit and look at for hours.

And to top it all off they made this amazing animated trailer.


In Sprint Vector you run really fast. Ok that may be the gameplay in a nutshell but it is way cooler than it sounds. First of all, the running happens with a skiing like motion. You extend one hand forward and press a button. Then you swing the hand back and as that happens you start doing the same process with the other hand. This feels natural and is very fun. That is as long as you are willing to work up a sweat.

Sprint Vector explosion

There are walls you can climb and places where you can glide through the air by extending your hands and pretending you are Superman. While racing through the 12 race tracks with other players or with NPCs you will have to drift through sharp corners and jump off ledges all the while avoiding obstacles like exploding barrels. You can pick up weapons and power-ups along the way to help you ruin the other runners day.

The game and its developers at Survios have been praised for making a game that implements locomotion so well without making the player get motion sick. This has been a problem for developers of VR games for a very long time. Causing many of them to opt for teleportation or jumping method of movement in their games.

Sprint Vector character and lava


In this world, Sprint Vector is the most popular show in the universe and you are its newest contestant. Mr. Entertainment, a TV with a body and a face, is its charismatic host who sends the contestants to wild and scary courses to compete for the shows prize.


Sprint Vectors soundtrack is full of fast pace and intricate songs. There are over 40 songs as part of the OST and most of them hold up well as stand-alone songs. With their catchy electronic beats and fast rhythms you are sure to start playing to the music while you blow past your opponents. Environment sound is also done really well and make the levels feel alive.

Sprint Vector map egypt


Sprint Vector is an experience like no other. It’s level of style and polish are far past most other VR racing games that are currently available on the market. At the time of writing it costs 27,99€ or your region equivalent on Steam and it is worth every penny. The game is developed and published by Survios and runs on Oculus Rift and HTC Vive. If you would like to buy the Sprint Vector, you can do it here.

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