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Spread Light in This Soothing VR Game: Fujii

Action and violence is fun and all, but sometimes you want to play a calm game, one that makes you look at the environment and its creatures and go “Woah, I could meditate here”, instead of “How much HP does it have”. Fujii is one such game. It’s been developed by Funktronic Labs, a studio that is heavily concentrated on virtual reality, and it shows. They have other critically acclaimed titles such as Cosmic Trip. But we’re not talking about that, we’re talking about Fujii.



When you start the game you come out of an enchanted tree and are faced with your first magical environment. There are three to be exact, each biome having its own unique quirk. FOr instance, one has lilypads you have to jump from, another has musical notes that you have to match with flower petals, and a third has stems you have to remove. Fujii plays like a combination of a gardening simulator and an exploration game. You walk across the world, collecting orbs and giving life to creatures and plants by spreading light around.

Glowing FLower

The other major things that you can do is collect seeds of different plants. You can then plant them in pots in the hub world. You can then take care of the plants by watering them, and you can buy move with orbs. Eventually, if you’ve taken good care of them they will, they will grow and start producing more orbs for you. This means that your motivated to return and take care of them, as you’ll slowly build up your own beautiful garden.



Fujii is a charming and immersive game, that, while doesn’t offer that much content, does what it sets out to do well. It’s simply pleasant, the music, the charming aesthetic, the cute gnome playing a banjo that follows you around. It would be great if it offered more of what it already had, but even as it stands it’s still a good game. If you are interested you can check out Fujii on Steam here.

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