Some Of The Best VR Archery Games


Virtual Reality is wonderful and most people won’t try and dispute that. It is still a fairly new type of game but there are a few things they have already figured out to a T. Archery is one of them. Somehow drawing your bow and firing arrows feels so right. I am here today (Well actually I was here a while ago. Who knows what I’m up to now.) to open your eyes to the world of VR archery games, one of the most interesting genre of virtual reality games.

SACRALITH : The Archer`s Tale

puts you in she shoes of and archer who is trying to kill enemies and protect your AI companions from them. This VR archery game lets you pick the arrow you would like to use in a really cinematic and cool way. Then it lets you pick off the baddies one by one or make it rain arrows and take down a whole group them at once. Time slows down when you are aiming to help you out and to make you feel more awesome.

Walk on Arrow

is a multiplayer VR archery game that plays a bit like a deathmatch in Quake but in virtual reality. You are dropped on a map with a few other players, a bow and a bunch of arrows. You traverse the map by flying around in the trajectory of an arrow. You also pick up loot like shields, new bows, armor, etc. The loot system is really cool but the best item by far is the katana. Once you get it you get to chase people and mow them down with your mighty blade.


gives you the task of defending your keep against the ever-advancing enemy forces. Playable alone or with a friend, QuiVr makes for a very fun experience. In a world with runes, magic and fantastic creatures, the bow and arrow are your weapon of choice. It offers customization, global leaderboards, a fluid difficulty system, amazing arrow physics and much more. It is suitable for VR archery game veterans and newcomers alike.


is, as it describes itself “pure archery madness”. You shoot colorful shapes and humanoids with your bow and they shatter like glass. The gameplay is very dynamic and will barely let you catch your breath. If you are looking for a VR archery game that will give you a workout, this is definitely the game for you. We actually have an article about Holopoint so if you would like to find out more about it, feel free to check it out here.

Twisted Arrow

is an arcade style shooter that arms you with a high tech bow that you use to kill all sorts of baddies. Enemy soldiers, zombies and monsters alike are out for your head and it’s your job to use your wide variety of arrows to shoot them, blow them up and freeze them. “Out-manned and outgunned, you are the last line of defense against a high-tech, paramilitary force occupying your city. But don’t feel sorry for yourself, feel sorry for the poor bastard that gets in your way!”

Elven Assassin

is a tower defense of sorts. As in you have to defend your town from hordes of orcs that will not stop unless they have an arrow or two in their system. Grab a friend or two, buy some nice and shiny equipment and start raining hell on the orcs. But don’t think they won’t fight back. They have the bad habit of throwing their axes at you. This is another VR archery game that we have covered in the past so if it sounds like your cup of tea read the review here.

Two great VR archery games that I also wanted to mention are Karnage Chronicles and BARDO. They both include archery and are amazingly fun games. You can find our article about the former here and the latter here.

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